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Wedding Music

This page was created by Dan McCarthy for the benefit of couples who are in the process of planning the music for their reception. It should both educate and enlighten you as you read about the many options available to you as you put together a game plan for your most important day. It is my intention to give you my honest opinion on what works and what doesn’t work and how to avoid musical mistakes that are often made by couples who simply make shall we say “less than perfect” choices at critical times when it comes to music.

It is a DM Productions policy that the final decisions on all music rests with the Bride and Groom. In addition when a couple shows up to their final meeting with their song decisions made, we very rarely attempt to talk them out of any ideas they may have. So the purpose of this page is to prepare you for that final meeting so that the music you choose will accomplish the best result.

Let’s get started…


The Ceremony

Here are just a few samples of what we recommend for your ceremony music :


We highly recommend songs by the group “Vitamin String Quartet” they do a wide variety contemporary songs set to classical music. The group “Piano Dreamers” also have a nice selection of piano pieces that works quite well.

The Cocktail Hour

This is normally a time when you can play music that is “snappy”. By that we mean music that has a bit of a beat to it. There are many different approaches you can take for your cocktail hour.

Here are a few selections that you can choose from:

Straight Jazz: This is a great idea when having your wedding in a very elegant setting. This theme would be mostly instrumental for the first 20 minutes and then we would mix in some vocal hits for the remainder of the hour.

Rat Pack Theme: Who better than Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin to welcome your guests as the arrive at the function facility. Michael Buble`adds the modern flair to this theme.

Oldies Theme: At a recent wedding, a couple told us that they didn’t want a whole lot of oldies during the course of their reception, but could we play nothing but oldies for the cocktail hour. Well that resulted in one of the best cocktail hours we have done in years. Fun, toe-tapping oldies but goodies had people singing their way to their seats.

Light Alternative Music: A good mix of artists such as John Mayer, Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews.

Easy R&B: A great hour of R&B Artists like Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross and Stevie Wonder just to name a few.

Leave It Up To Your DJ: We always receive many compliments on our selection of cocktail music.

Parents Dances







Here are some popular songs we recommend for dances with parents and loved ones.

For The Bride And Her Father

  • Walk With You-Edwin McCain
  • When You Need Me – Bruce Springsteen
  • I Loved Her First-Heartland
  • My Little Girl-Tim McGraw
  • The Way You Look Tonight-Frank Sinatra or Steve Tyrell
  • Daughter of Mine-John McDermott
  • There You’ll Be-Faith Hill
  • Fathers & Daughters-Kristen Chenowith
  • You’re My Hero-Teresa James
  • Angel In My Arms-Joe Pizzulo
  • My Girl-The Temptations
  • My Little Girl-Steve Kerwain
  • Father & Daughter-Paul Simon
  • Butterfly Kisses-Bob Carlisle
  • A Song For My Daughter-Ray Allaire
For The Groom And His Mother

  • Days Like This-Van Morrison
  • A Mother’s Song-T Carter
  • Simple Man-Shinedown or Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • I Hope You Dance-LeeAnn Womack
  • If There Hadn’t Been You-Billy Dean
  • A Song For My Son-Mikki Verrick
  • Never Alone-Lady Antebellum
  • You Raise Me Up-Josh Groban
  • My Son-Tony Kenny
  • A Song For Mama-Boyz II Men
  • The Man That You’ve Become-Molly Pasutti
  • My Boy-TJ Loughran
  • The Wonder of You-Elvis Presley
For Either Couple Or When Dancing With Loved Ones

  • In My Life-The Beatles
  • In My Life-Bette Midler
  • My Wish-Rascal Flatts
  • What A Wonderful World-Louis Armstrong
  • Memories-Elvis Presley
  • The Rainbow Connection-Sara McLaughlin
  • The Times Of Your Life-Paul Anka
  • Young at Heart-Tony Bennett
  • Fly Me To The Moon-Frank Sinatra
  • Unforgettable-Nat & Natalie Cole

Dance Music

While cocktail music can be fun and dinner music enjoyable, it is the dance music at a wedding that contributes the most to it’s overall success. At DM Productions, we have always used the dance floor as a type of “barometer” to judge how we are doing. Our goal has always been to have the dance floor be full from the time the dinner ends until the end of the reception. The difference between having a good dance floor and a great dance floor boils down to song selection, the timing of those songs , and the mood of the audience.

So…now you want to know how you can achieve a “GREAT” dance floor?

Here’s a few simple tips:

  • Prepare a list of songs that you truly believe a good amount of your guests will enjoy dancing to. Very often, couples place requests on their list that are not considered strong dance songs. Remember that songs that are played on the radio are played with no regard for holding a dance floor. Ask your friends about a song you’re not sure of. Would you dance to it?
  • Limit the number of dance requests. Keep in mind that for a 5 hour wedding reception, the most dance time you will have is 2 ½ to 3 hours. That’s about 45-50 songs. We recommend your list not exceed 30-35. This will allow your DJ 15-20 songs that he knows works to “glue” your requests together. Some of the best weddings we have done were for couples that gave us a short list and said “Do what you do best”.
  • Ask your DJ to critique your list. By getting an honest assessment of your request list, your DJ could point out any songs on your dance list that could potentially “bomb”. If you want a packed dance floor like we do, it’s important to recognize any potential songs that may clear the dance floor. The only time that normally ever happens to us is when we are playing something off a couple’s list that we wouldn’t ordinarily play.
Popular First Dance Songs

  • Then-Brad Paisley
  • At Last-Etta James
  • I Won’t Give Up-Jason Mraz
  • Better Together-Jack Johnson
  • You Are The Best Thing-Ray LaMontagne
  • My Best Friend-Tim McGraw
  • It’s Your Love-Tim McGraw & Faith Hill
  • Making Memories Of Us-Keith Urban
  • Crazy Love-Van Morrison
  • Someone Like You-Van Morrison
  • I Could Not Ask For More-Edwin McCain
  • When You Say Nothing At All-Alison Kraus
  • Everything-Michael Buble
  • A Thousand Years-Christina Perri
  • The Way You Look Tonight-Frank Sinatra
Popular Last Dance Songs

  • Save The Last Dance for Me-Michael Buble
  • The Way You Look Tonight-Frank Sinatra
  • It’s Your Love-Tim McGraw & Faith Hill
  • I Could Not Ask For More-Edwin McCain
  • Better Together-Jack Johnson
  • At Last-Etta James
  • Someone Like You-Van Morrison
  • Bless The Broken Road-Rascal Flatts
  • Then-Brad Paisley
  • I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing-Aerosmith
  • Lost In This Moment-Big & Rich
  • Faithfully-Journey
  • What A Wonderful World-Louis Armstrong
  • I’ve Had The Time of My Life-Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes
  • The Way You Look Tonight-Steve Tyrell
Popular Closing Songs (For the guests to dance to)

  • Can’t Stop This Feeling – Justin Timberlake
  • Don’t Stop the Party-Pitbull
  • Save The Last Dance For Me-Michael Buble
  • Sweet Caroline-Neil Diamond
  • Don’t Stop Believing-Journey
  • Give Me Everything-Pitbull
  • Shout-Otis Day
  • The Time-Black Eyed Peas
  • Let’s Go Crazy-Prince
Top 10 DO NOT PLAY Songs 

  • The Electric Slide
  • The Chicken Dance
  • Macarena
  • YMCA
  • Cotton Eyed Joe
  • We Are Family
  • Celebration
  • Dancing Queen
  • Happy
  • Baby Got Back